3 Often Overlooked Tasks That Can Help Any Blogger's SEO

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves. I”ve always lived by the adage. That being the case, I occasionally have to remind myself of some of the seemingly small or routine seo related tasks that require attention. They”re easy to forget but collectively can pay dividends.

Optimize Your Images

You”re busy. I get it. I have to admit, I”ve taken some short cuts in the interest of time too, but the few seconds it takes to add a coding nuance or two to your images can pay dividends.

When you”re using an image on your website or blog post, here”s a few quick things you can do to make your images an SEO asset:

  1. Use a keyword when naming your image file. For example: key-phrase.jpg
  2. Add alt text in the same way. For example: alt=”key-phrase”
  3. Use captions containing your keyphrase.

Add Authorship Markup

Google introduced authorship markup a while ago, enabling bloggers to get their photos to accompany their Google search engine result listings. Many of us still haven”t set that up.

There are a number of handy WordPress plug-ins out there and they seem to work pretty well. Problem is, as time goes on I seem to accumulate plugins and forget what each is for. It can get unruly. And, certain plug-ins have presented a security risk in the past, so I like to keep my active plug-ins to a minimum.

Here”s a simple way to add authorship markup, avoiding the need for a plug-in. Just follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Set up a Google page and make sure you complete the profile, image and all.
  2. locate your Google user ID. You”ll find it at the top of your profile page.
  3. Sign into WordPress admin and go to the editor tab. Locate the header.php file and insert the following code into the head section:

<link rel=”author” href=”https://plus.google.com/XXXXXXXXXXXXX/posts”/>


Link Out To Quality Sites

We”re so obsessed with who is linking to us that we sometimes forget that linking out to high authority sites can help SEO as well. Find ways to link out to authoritative sites like The New York Times or online in a natural, organic way. It indicates to the search engines that there is an association of some kind between you and these high profile sites.