What is Responsive Web Design?

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

Responsive Web Design is peremptory for any company looking to redesign their website.  It sounds interesting, but what is responsive web design and how does it work?  Here is a quick rundown, in a non-techy way for this new standard practice in web development.


A responsive website is basically a site whose code is created so that it can automatically adapt to the screen sizes of various devices by setting rules to create fluid/flexible layouts.  This means that companies no longer have to develop separate websites for desktop users and for mobile/tablet users.  They just need one!

It does this through the use of CSS3 media queries.  CSS is the rules that create the design and layout of a website.  This optimized website code will let your website essentially look good on several desktop screen sizes, tablets, and smartphones.  This is a ‘game changer’ because it provides site owners the ability to give a similar experience for website visitors, regardless of how they are accessing the site.   All you have to do is modify the CSS to detect the size of a users’ device, and then it will automatically push out the website in a flexible way so that all media, images, content, and links are accessible.