Giants, Google Win!

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Could it get any better????  If any of my friends heard that I was traveling to San Francisco in late October, they probably would bet that I was going to the World Series.  Nope.  Instead of going to the ballpark for the World Series with 42,000+ fans and the world watching via TV, I was headed to the Computer History Museum for my 6th straight Google Analytics Summit with 500 fans in attendance from 46 different countries.  I guess this would be an apt comparison if the World Series game was held at Cooperstown (hey, there’s an idea!).

Like I said, could it get any better?  Two days with a technology Giant and an evening with the baseball Giants, especially when baseball and technology have been mainstays in my life.  As we landed in SF on Sunday, the pilot allowed us to listen to the last out of game 4.  Giants win.  Giants sweep.  The dream was over.  No game 6 in SF.  Oh well.

Now my focus was completely on the GA Summit and the gang at Google hit a home run.  Google’s technology superstars shared information, announced new GA features, provided key insights in true partnership fashion and brought the best analytics minds in the world together to network and provide feedback for the next round of enhancements.  See below for the box score and game summary

Best GA Summit yet.  No question that Google has ratcheted up GA support and its features.  The move to Universal Analytics is BIG and will not only give GACPs deeper analytical capabilities, but more importantly, provide even greater value to their clients due to the user-centric focus.

Looking forward to GA Summit 2013 (and maybe a World Series game in CA).

Google Street Car at Museum


Brad Henry (Beacon’s Director of Web Marketing) chatting w/ Jiajing Wang (Google Product Manager)

GA Summit Box Score / Quick Summary

~500 in attendance, GACPs from 46 countries represented, 50 Googlers, GA Premium Customers

Paul Muret, Engineering Director, kicked it off.

Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, discussed the importance of data capture, providing value to your clients by letting the data drive strategy.  Always entertaining and passionate about what he does.

Bill Kee, Product Manager, had many announcements of new features regarding attribution

Sagnik Nandy, Principal Engineer discussed “User-Centric Analytics” and how the shift in focus has moved from “Sessions” to “Users”.

Day 2 was a “confidential day”, so I’m not at liberty to share much.  However, the Optimal Analysis Track provided great information, particularly with respect to the importance (and demand) for deeper analysis.  Businesses now expect “ROA”, or Return on Analysis, via data-driven insights to make business/marketing decisions.