How to Reduce Paid Spend Waste

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Paid search is a great tool to help you bring the most relevant traffic to your website.   It will increase your brand’s visibility and help to get you to top of the search results despite your ever-changing organic rankings.  Picking the right keywords to target is what it is all about.  However, just as important as it is to add the right keywords to your ad groups, it is equally just as important to focus on the words you want to exclude.  By  carefully reviewing  the actual terms used by paid search visitors you can learn what to avoid to reduce your wasted spend so that they money you invest goes to the terms that provide the highest number of conversions.

How to identify and  exclude the wrong keywords you have been spending money on within Google Adwords:

  1.  Log into your Adwords account
  2. Select the “Keywords” tab (so you can see all terms regardless of campaign)
  3. Modify your Date Range to display “ALL TIME” if you have never conducted this exercise.  Then I recommend doing this type of keyword scrubbing once a month moving forward.
  4. Click on the “Keyword Details” section of the sorting feature and select “ALL” – (This allows you to see the real keywords users have keyed that triggered your ads to be displayed that they selected).


5.  Sort by Cost, and then begin to review the terms making a check beside all words that are not relevant for your campaigns.  When you have checked all the words you don’t want to trigger an ad, scroll up to the top of the page and select the box labeled “ADD as NEGATIVE KEYWORD.”  You will know you completed this exercise correctly because a red “EXCLUDED” box will now be visible to the right of all the words you checked.

* You can also use this same type activity by selecting the “ALL” search terms to find additional long-tail terms to add to your current ad groups as well.  Just make sure you modify the terms to the correct match type you would prefer.

Let us know if you have any questions.