Beacon Attending 2012 Cascade Server User’s Conference

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

For the seventh year in a row, Beacon will be attending the 2012 Cascade Server User’s Conference, put on by Hannon Hill at the Georgia Tech’s Global Learning Center and Hotel & Conference Center in Atlanta, GA.  It’s something that I look forward to every year, and this year’s conference is going to be even better:  Beacon is officially a Gold Sponsor, and we will be continuing our tradition of participating in the conference since I’ll be speaking again for the fifth time.  We have really grasped the opportunities to present our development expertise and knowledge of Cascade Server.

In writing this blog, it got me thinking about all of Beacon’s previous presentations at the conference:

  • 2006:  Participated in a round table panel discussing our use of Cascade Server.
  • 2008:  Tips & Tricks for End Users
  • 2009:  Tips & Tricks for End Users (Part II)
  • 2010:  Web Marketing w/ Cascade Server CMS + Live SEO Reviews (by Brad Henry, Director of Web Marketing Services)
  • 2011:  Creative Uses of Cascade Server

This year, I’ll be speaking about something near and dear to my Cascade heart:  Cascade Server Optimization techniques.  In today’s world, everyone wants their Web experience to be fast.  Our interaction with Cascade Server is no different:  we need to get our content edits and publishing done quickly.  Cascade Server can be fast, but if it’s not programmed correctly, it can be a slow experience.  The session will show Cascade programmers how to properly implement indexing blocks, XSLT code, and best practices for hardware configuration and hosting.

The conference is always a great time for Beacon folks to meet current and prospective clients.  We will have a booth set up in the lobby where conference participants can enter a drawing to win great Google-branded prizes, and of course, talk to Rick Boccard and me about anything Cascade, or any other Web needs:  Web Marketing, Web Hosting, or general Web Development.

Additionally, in keeping with the presentation theme, we will have the opportunity to sign up for a free Cascade Server Performance Assessment.  During this assessment, I’ll evaluate your page render speed, publishing speed, configuration, code and general implementation.  Afterwards, you will receive valuable insights and actionable recommendations that will improve the user experience and simplify maintenance.  We hope that all participants will find the assessment very beneficial in improving your excellent Cascade Server performance even more.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta on September 16th!