How to Use Social Media to Promote a Corporate Event

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are so many ways to promote your company’s corporate event, seminar, or workshop using social media, and the great thing about them is that the ad spend is almost non-existent.  You just need to find the time!  I have broken down the below steps into 3 main time-frame: 1) before, 2) during, and 3) after for you to use as a rough guide to help you navigate.

Before the Event:

1) Create an event on your company Facebook page.  Make sure you do this from your company page and not your personal profile!  Have the event be open to the public and make sure to post to the company wall as well. Encourage fellow employees and yourself to share on your own personal pages as well to extend the visibility of your brand and the event.

2) Add social share buttons to the event information and registration pages so that attendees can spread the work about this event and the fact that they are proud/excited to attend.  The best place to post these buttons are above the fold on the right of the page (this is best practice).

3) Begin a countdown on Facebook and Twitter to build up the anticipation to the event.  You could also hijack your Twitter background image and Facebook cover photo to either be entirely about the event or include a call out to the event for all to see.

4) Offer sneak peaks. This can include conversation pieces about the set up of the events, guest hosts/speakers, gift bags in hotels, pictures from past years, etc.

5) Make sure to create posts tagging other people/companies that will be in attendance.  This will provide you more reach on their pages as well as using their ‘star power’ in conjunction with your brand.

During the Event:

6) Encourage attendants throughout the sessions to engage, check-in, and share pictures, posts, and tags about the event.  Include this call out within programs, with the content of informational email blasts, allow the hosts/speakers to make mention, etc.

7) Keep the content flowing!  Keep people interested about the event and create a buzz for non-participants so they will want to attend future sessions.  Asking questions is a good way to create levels of engagement here.  Not all content throughout the sessions needs to be post.  Include pictures of attendants.  Inform them of their pictures and encourage them to tag themselves if you are not able to do so via access.

After the Event:

8) Provide a recap of the event.  Just because it’s over, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to talk about it anymore.  Recaps can be summaries of the events, photos recovered post-event, and even thank you posts to speakers, hosts, and attendants.  This is also a great way to begin hinting at the events to come.  Feel free to ask questions to attendants to get feedback.  This will be much appreciated by them and you will be likely to have positive remarks if you are the one requesting.

9) Make sure to organize all viral information for users and yourself to find later.  For example, if your social media guru is posting lots of pictures via their smartphones directly to the company wall, make sure someone goes back to create specific albums to transfer the photos over from the generic ‘mobile uploads’ folders.

If you have any other questions, or need someone on our end to help you strategy your marketing strategy for your next event let us know.