Educational back-to-school apps

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As a working mom and a techie, I’m always on the look-out for new tools to help my kids learn. Most recently, my husband and I struggled to help my 12-year-old son learn a variety of knots for his next Boy Scout advancement until we happened upon an app that showed how to do each knot on our iPad in 3D. Though the book we were using seemed perfectly intuitive to us, the app was just what our son needed to learn the new skills.  In no time, he was tying the knots with ease and the “old fashioned” hardback knot manual was long forgotten.  With this experience, we realized that kids today simply learn differently than we did and that our methods of delivery need to keep up.

That’s why I was so interested in this article that appeared last week as school started in my area: Back-to-school educational apps help with organization, learning across all ages.  With a high school-er getting ready for college, we’ll certainly use the test prep apps listed in the article asap!

Do you or your children use any other educational apps that you’d like to share?  Please comment below!