Zedric Myers

Easy as PIE – CSS3 Features for IE 6-9

Est. Read Time: ~Keurig Brew-Time

PIE (Progressive Internet Explorer) is a great script that allows IE 6-9 to render some of the most useful CSS3 decoration features. This will save a lot of time from creating separate image files for certain layouts, which can also make your website load faster and cleaner. The great thing is that it is easy to insert into your current web design.

Some of great CSS3 features it supports are border-radius, box-shadow, border-image, css3 backgrounds and gradients.

After applying your CSS3 effects, just add one of these two options to make it work for IE 6-9.

  1. Applying the PIE.htc file path into your CSS (recommended)
  2. Using javascript to call the files for reference.

For full features, demos, code and everything about PIE, visit the developer site here.