Top WordPress Plugins You Should be Using in 2012

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

  1. Pinterest “Pin-It” Button - This is a great link building strategy you let your visitors engage by ‘pinning’ your website’s images.  This is also a great way to increase your brand awareness and recognition by allowing users to “pin” your images all over Pinterest.  This plugin allows you to add custom CSS styling.  You also get the freedom to pick the placement and formatting as to which pages it should be visible and where within the page itself.
  2. SEO Friendly Images – This SEO plugin automatically updates all images with proper ALT and title attributes to help improve your organic rankings. If your images do not have an ALT and title already set, this free plugin will add them according the options you set automatically.
  3. Outbound Link Manager – This SEO dream monitors outbound links in your posts and pages, easily allowing you to add or remove a no-follow tag, update anchor texts, or remove links altogether.
  4. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox – This social plugin will let you alert all your visitors about your Facebook page so they can spread your brand to their friends. This plugin lets you display a pre-configured Facebook page-like box inside a lightbox.  This plugin also allows you to set limits to the visibility of the lightbox so users could see it every day or only once every “X” days per individual visitor.
  5. The Hello Bar – This is another call to action plugin that gives you the ability to create a top horizontal bar at the very top of a WordPress website.  To install, you simply just copy and paste your Hello Bar code snippet from, straight to your WordPress admin interface. The plugin also allows you to choose where you’d like your code snippet to be placed within the code.
  6. Video Gallery – While this plugin costs $15 to purchase, the money is well worth it when you compare how much better this plugin works on videos than the run of the mill plugins for high quality video experiences.  If a company invests money to create great media,  you need to show it off with the best quality possible and this plugin helps to expand your site’s video playback capabilities to the next level.  This plugin allows site owners the ability to feed videos from their hosting account, YouTube, Vimeo, s3 Amazon, and even plain old images and audio files.

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