Internship Update!

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

I officially have 3 weeks left at Beacon Technologies. I have learned so much in a short amount of time here at Beacon. I am learning the processes of creating a website. Last week, I finished the requirements document and wireframe of the website. The requirements document is a standard document created by the company to outline the basics of any website. The wireframe is a basic PowerPoint design of the website. It is important to complete both these documents in creating a website. The wireframe gives a bare bone design of the website so the designers have a direction to go when creating the website. I basically used Paint to create different sections of the website and put them into a PowerPoint. Once again, my photoshop skills are not great but the wireframe still created a basic design and feel to the website even if you can see the box lines of where I copied and pasted various items!


I never truly realized how much planning goes into creating just a basic website, and for the most part, this website is basic. It is always important to plan ahead of any event. We have not even started working on the website, but I have already put a lot of time and effort into getting this website up and running. I am looking forward to putting this website together in the near future. We still need to see how Google+ Hangouts will be utilized with the website. There is still a lot to do for the website before I leave this summer internship. I just hope we are able to get everything done before I leave and have a pilot run of the website and event.


The next step for the project is designing the website. I will not have much to do with the design of the website but I can start on the content of the website. The content will include the About Beacon section, Partners sections, Requirements section, and much more. I can utilize my writing skills for this part of the project. Another direction I will take next week is coming up with a slogan for the website. I am thinking about combining the café feel of the website/idea with the technology side of the website/idea. Mostly, I will try to brainstorm as many ideas for the slogan until I get the slogan for the website.