Final Internship Blog

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I am officially done with my internship at Beacon Technologies. The only thing I have left to do is complete my final presentation for the Beacon NetCafe this Thursday at 10am. I have some great information to put into the presentation because I have learned so much from my short time at Beacon Technologies. I learned how to create a website, maintain a website, the best ways to market a website, and much more. I now know about to actually use Google+ Hangouts rather than just knowing about Google+ Hangouts. The knowledge that I learned at this company will help me for the rest of my life and career. I am very grateful for being assigned to such a great company.  I have also meet some great people at this company. I would like to thank Mark and Richard for all their help throughout my internship. I could not have done this without them.


I was not able to fully complete the Beacon NetCafe project before the end of my internship but I got a good amount done for the project and learned so much about the process of making a website. It is better to push a project back to ensure the integrity and the success of the project. We were able to get the test run done for Beacon NetCafe. It did not go as I expected but overall it went well for the first ever run of the event. Jennifer and Zed were able to get the video on the website but the Twitter feed needed some work. I was very impressed with how the video looked on the website. I really think Mark is on to something with this monthly event. The integration of Google+ Hangouts is truly amazing. I will defiantly use Hangouts during my last year at UNCG. Unlike the technology course I took last semester, I actually got to research and use technology to make a business event happen in real life. This is the type of experience that is hard to find in the classroom. Thank you all at Beacon Technologies! I know there are great things in store for this company in the future and if I ever do own my own business in my life then I know the best place to go for amazing website, hosting, and ecommerce services.