Website Functionality

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I have completed my third week of my internship at Beacon Technologies. So far everything is going great. The Beacon NetCafe is coming along nicely, and I have started to research companies for my competitive analysis. I never realized how many web development companies there are out in the world. Many of these companies only have around 5 employees so it is a little difficult to find companies which align with Beacon Technologies, but I better understand the process of analyzing your competitors. It is more than use picking random companies in the area which do the same things. Of about 50 regional and local companies I have researched, I have found only 2 which align with Beacon Technologies. Most of the companies are just too small compared to Beacon Technologies. The next step for the Beacon NetCafe is website design and functionality. We have decided to use Google+ Hangout with Twitter to make the event interactive for everybody. I’m really interested in playing around with these tools in the upcoming weeks. I know very little about Twitter and don’t have a Twitter account, but like Google+ Hangout which I had little to no knowledge of, I think I will learn a lot about the functions of Twitter and how to effectively use it for a business.


Next week, I will be working on the technical aspects of the Beacon NetCafe. I researched sitemaps and created a rough draft for the Beacon NetCafe website. I never realized the work needed to create a website. It is important to create a layout for the entire website. A website, even a small one, is a web of various links and destinations. The design of the website is also very important. If you click on this where does it take you? Is there a better way to layout the website? This all goes into how the website will function effectively for users. The little things make the biggest differences for a website. When designing the website for Beacon NetCafe, it will be vital to think of little things that might affect the website. I look forward to working with the tech people to come up with ideas for the website. The design of a website is important but the function of a website is just as important. Hopefully, creating Google+ Hangout and Twitter feeds on the website will meet our needs for the Beacon NetCafe event. It is vital for a website to be interactive and this event will try to bridge the gap between partners, clients, and Beacon Technologies by being interactive.