Using WordPress

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My fourth week is coming to a close. This week was a very productive week. Richard and I have made some great steps toward the Beacon NetCafe. Also, Mark has talked to one partner and they are all for it. The project is coming along nicely. The Monday meeting with the technical support group went well. We decided that WordPress would meet our needs and Cascade Server would demand too much time at the present time. In future, the company will change it to Cascade since the company is a partner of Hannon Hill. I have already been researching about WordPress and Cascade. We will have a design meeting on Monday to discuss various designs and such. I can also help with the content using WordPress. Richard has agreed to teach me some things about WordPress. I am looking forward to learning new things about WordPress. I have also been continuing my research on competitors for the company. I have found enough data to see how much expected revenue should come from just one employee in this industry. Next week I need to determine what other things I need to look at for the competitive analysis. I have already found a lot of information about the companies, and I have narrowed it down to four companies. I am looking forward to working with WordPress and continuing my research on other companies.   I have already learned a good amount of information about WordPress and Cascade Server. I truly knew very little about these content management systems. I am starting to pick up some of the lingo used around the company. WordPress is an open source system. Before I had heard of open source but never really know much about it. It is very interesting. The strength of open source is that it is completely open to the world. Anyone with a computer and the internet can contribute by creating templates, helping answer questions, and/or solving problems. Most developers are more than happy to respond to emails or questions on forums. It sounds like there is community for WordPress. Casecade Server is cms from Hannon Hill. This would require building a website from the ground up. There are defiantly some advantages to using this cms. You can build the website to your exact needs but it requires much more time. WordPress has starting templates that can be played around with to better the website.   Jennifer told me about responsive WordPress templates. These are pretty cool. Basically, the website is responsive to what device you are using to view the website. For example, if I use my cell phone to view the website then it will automatically change the format, size, text, etc. for my cell phone. This is different than making a completely different mobile website. I am learning so much about creating a website, and I hope I can use this information in my future career.