Jeff Pickle

10 Tips Towards Improving Your Google PPC CTR

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

The following are 10 tips to increase the effectiveness of your ads in Google AdWords:

  1. Keywords: Have the keyword show up in the ad at least one time.  Certainly try to get the keyword in the headline.
  2. Make your Audience feel like your speaking directly to them: Use words like “you” and “yours” to make it appear that you are talking to the ad reader directly. Having the ad contain “you” or “yours” makes them feel special.
  3. Call Them to Action: Use action verbs like “Save”, “Find”, “Get”, “Shop”, “See”, and  “Take” in the ad description.  Better to tell your ad readers what to do.  Even better, make the first word in the text an action word.
  4. Create a Sense of Urgency: Having a sense of urgency in the ad can make the reader act more quickly if they feel like they need to act right away. Use words like “Now” and “Before”.
  5. Free is Good Thing: If you can use it in some fashion, “Free” has consistently been shown to boost clicks in studies.
  6. Capitalize Every Word (almost): Capitalizing every word in the ad seems to boost click-through-rates (CTR).  Its an old adage that works.  However, I don’t recommend capitalizing such words as “and”, “for”, “of” or “in”.
  7. Showcase your Strengths: If you have a lot of competitors, make notice of your strengths. Include such terms as “Top “, “Most”, “Max”, “Latest” or “Newest”. Doing so can set your ads apart and make them more attractive.
  8. Symbols: Symbols such as dollar signs and trademark symbols can help your ad stand out.
  9. Authoritative terms:  Use terms that sound similar to what an established entity would use such as “Official”, “Direct”, and “Complete”.  These terms imply that a firm may be more reputable and a reader may be more inclined to click on these ads versus an obvious attempt to grab the reader.
  10. Short Words: Because you don’t have a lot space and because nobody reads more than few words in an ad anyway, you need to get the message off quickly and concisely.

Using the tips above, you should see the CTR performance in your ads improve.