Web Marketing and Customers

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I am officially 20% done with my internship at Beacon Technologies. I have learned a copious amount of information. I am glad to have Richard as a mentor for this internship. I have already learned a lot from just him only in 2 weeks. The Beacon NetCafe event is coming along nicely. I have researched Google Hangouts and believe I can make it work for the event. I have also looked at websites that offer webinars to see the best features of their websites to determine what to use and not use for the Beacon NetCafe website. A meeting with web development will be important next week.

We had a web marketing meeting this week. It is important to determine customers when creating a marketing plan. This is vital for any company using or not using a website. The previous week I sat in on a meeting for one of our clients. It was difficult to determine who the company was trying to market to for their products. This should always be the first question any company should ask after determining the product and/or service they want to offer in the marketplace. Who will actually buy or use this product? Who will actually buy or use this service? It seems like a basic concept but many business people don’t even realize who their customers are in the marketplace. Many people have the mentality of “if we build it, they will come!” but this is not the case. As for Beacon NetCafe, we determined that the objective for the event will be to extend expertise in the marketplace. The primary customers will be partners, their clients, and our clients, but it will be open to any person in the world with internet. This is significant when determining a marketing plan. For the event, we will leverage our partnerships and I will look into local business journals for promotion of this event. So always keep in mind  who you are selling to because this is just as important as creating a great product or service!