Takeaways From The 2012 Bronto Summit

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I was fortunate enough to attend the 2012 Bronto Summit in Chapel Hill with Rick Boccard, one of Beacon’s Account Executives. Bronto is an innovative email service provider that I have worked with since 2008. Although I am familiar with the company, there are so many amazing new features and capabilities added each year that my time at the summit was well worth it. In addition to their cutting edge product, Bronto is full of wonderfully friendly and fun-loving people. I had a blast!

Bronto stampede at Bronto headquarters

I attended a handful of seminars on email marketing and wish I could have gone to every last one. I’d like to share just a little of the great information I took back with me and plan to utilize. If you’d like more details, here is a link to all the wonderful Bronto Presentations.

10 Ways to Boost Revenue Through Email Marketing • Season Specific Sales • One Day/Flash Sales • Friends & Family Discounts • Lapsed Purchaser Messages • Post Purchase Bounceback • Birthday Coupons • Shopping Cart Abandonment • Transactional Messages • Welcome Message/Series

Testing – Keynote Speech given by Anne Holland from Which Test Won? • A/B Test your opt-in form for email • Test overlays (light boxes) or try using them if you haven’t • Take advatage of short attention spans by testing shorter content in emails, one focus per email, and timing. • Reoptimize your email templates • Try social proof for products • Always test landing pages • Start using mobile and start testing what works with your customers • iPad Optimization • Always track beyond the click in your emails (sales, order value, leads, email captures, revenue, etc.)


The summit was full of inflatable brontosauruses, some twice as large as myself!

Bronto Love!