Rebranding, Growing and Staying True to Yourself

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How to adapt without compromising the soul or your business.

Effective business plans depend on an established value proposition by your organization and within your customer base. This is the belief that the customer value will be experienced as promised by the brand. Value is defined as benefits minus the cost. The visual identity of your brand should become synonymous with this perception of value in the eyes of your target market. Your visual identity is very deeply rooted with your logo as well as the brand colors, type, type stylings, and visual marketing methods. These things must maintain enough constancy so that the market recognizes these things as being uniquely you, but must also adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Change is important! Since the market is always in a constant state of flux and growth, it is vital for your brand to grow with and adapt to this ever changing market. If you haven’t updated your brand since your business began, it is most likely in need of a refresh. Even if there isn’t a need a full rebrand, it is vital to be constantly evaluating your assists and your position in the market in order to assess the direction and growth potential of your business. At the same time, you have a strong history of brand value that is deeply rooted in hard work, great service, or reliable and valuable products in the market. Do everything within your power not to leverage against the established equity you have in your brand while being flexible and growing enough to stay relevant and profitable within the market.

Leveraging your existing brand strengths throughout a rebrand is vital for staying true to your existing customers and making the most of everything you have built. Not only this, but staying true to your essence maintains the perception of honesty and the integrity of your brand. A perception of wholesome values can be a great asset in a degraded marketing economy with “buy one get one free” and “special one time offer”marketing schemes exist at every turn. Flex to take advantage or sales and growth potential, but maintain a honest core at the same time.

When delving into the rebranding process, take this opportunity to do as much research into your market and client base as possible. This is a great time for you to seriously consider the potential growth for your company. After all, a new visual identity system for your company should be one that you can grow into and embraces what you want to become as well as what you are. Think big and collect data from every source possible. Utilize social media as well as more direct communication and research opportunities. Remember, that what people say is not necessarily what people actually do. Don not trust everything you are told when you talk to resources about your organization. There is much more merit in the actions of people and the actions of the market, this should override less quantitative data.

Embrace your competition, cross market, and network. You can utilize connections to benefit from the successful market trends in other industries. Don’t just focus on what you do well, also focus on what others are doing well and how it can tie in what you are doing. This way, you rethink your customer base and learn how to expand, while still staying true to the core of your business by continuing to do what you do well.

To maximize the effectiveness of the rebrand, a plan should be in place to help your organization make the switch over to the new identity system. Employee email signatures, printed collateral, and all digital media assets including the website have to be adjusted to incorporate the new brand, ideally at the same time. That is why considering to tackle a rebrand when you are already planning to rebuild your website and digital collateral can cut back on the cost and time by streamlining the process. Putting out an internal guideline can help everyone make the switch over smoothly and in a timely fashion to increase the effectiveness of the rebrand and to eliminate potential confusion for the customer and to also minimize drawing attention to the change so that it seems more seamless in the eyes of the market.

I personally believe that honesty, handwork and a healthy dose of creativity are the most valuable assets to maintaining a healthy brand. Hiring creative experts to assist your through your rebranding process can breathe life into your business and your ideas and help your business thrive.

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