New Updates for Facebook’s Brand Pages

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

Finally could not come soon enough!  Facebook now allows Page Administrators to schedule posts within the user interface.  While many companies and agencies will still use applications like Hootsuite because of their advanced anlytics, the new ability to schedule posts directly into Facebook’s UI will save a lot of us time we lost switching back and forth. Below are the instructions needed to schedule a post within the page’s sharing tool.  Right now they can be scheduled in 15 minute intervals up to 6 months in advance.

  1. Select the type of post you will want to add to your Page,
  2. Click the clock image in the bottom left corner of the sharing box
  3. Apply the future time, day, month, year you want the post to appear
  4. Select whether you want the post public or private
  5. Click the blue Schedule button in the bottom right

*Another cool feature to point out is that Facebook allows you to choose a date from the past, and upon hitting schedule it will be inserted to that time within the timeline!

Facebook also now allows for specific duties (basically access / permission roles) for multiple administrators on a page as well.  The new roles created in order from greatest to least access are insights analyst, advertiser, moderator, content creator, and manager.  There is currently no limit to the number of administrators a page can have.