Chrome – Now more popular and powerful than IE

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StatCounter shows that within the past few days Chrome has become the more popular browser on the web.

StatCounter Browser Statistics

StatCounter’s Browser Statistics – Click to visit interactive graph

In the past year, Chrome has become more popular than both Firefox and IE. Chrome now ranks just under half a percent higher than Internet Explorer.  Both IE and Chrome tend to compete against each other for weekend statistics.  But usage isn’t everything–I put recent versions of the five major modern browsers through benchmark testing:

Rank Browser Benchmark Screenshot Resources Screenshot
1 Chrome Version 19.0.1084.46 m    
2 Opera Version 11.64    
3 Safari Version 5.1.4    
4 Internet Explorer Version 9.0.8112.16421    
5 Firefox Version 12.0    

Benchmark Info:

  • Performed using Rightware’s BrowsermarkRun your own browser benchmark
  • 3/4 through the process, the leap in CPU usage is caused by 3D rendering (I assume through the Canvas API in JS)
  • Safari and Opera both failed their first time running the benchmark–The task manager screenshots above are wider because I had to widen the window to keep the graph on-screen during the failed attempts.
  • Benchmarks we’re tested with only the active browser and task manager running.
  • Tested on 3.06 Ghz Core 2 Duo and 2GB DDR3 RAM with Windows 7 Pro

A year or two ago, the Firefox rank would have bummed me out. However, as Firefox has proven itself a memory hog time and time again, I’ve transitioned to Chrome.  The switch to Chrome came somewhat later for me.  My initial complaints about the browser was the lack of an XML-Tree view on appropriate filetypes, and the lack of an FTP client (or decent extension to fallback on).  Now, Chrome has a Notepad++ extension which comes packaged with a built in FTP client–perfect for on the fly editing.  As for my old friend Opera (my first alternative to IE), it’s maintaining rather competitive benchmarks even with the low usage ranking from StatCounter.  Chrome smoked the competition in the benchmarks, which is one of two browsers that are actively running plugins/extensions on my machine. (Firefox is the other–who didn’t do so hot.) You can find an extensive collection of browser benchmarking data for tablets, mobile devices, and PCs on Rightware’s Power Board site.