How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles to Increase Conversions

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

It doesn’t matter what products you sell on your website because regardless of their age, gender, or demographics your customer group is already highly engaging within social media networks and sharing site.  The latest stats show that males and females have an almost equal share of activity.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity of social media networks to increase your website conversions.  Listed below are some basic recommendations to help you optimize your profiles.

  • Survey- Implement a survey to determine where you customers are congregating.  By sending a formal survey or launching a pop-up survey on your website you will be able to gather a wealth of demographic information.  UserReports or SurveyMonkey are two great companies to check out.  They are inexpensive and provide great analytics.
  • Promote Exclusive Offers- By offering an exclusive item to social media followers or fans, such as a weekly coupon or 2 day delivery you leave these users feeling special which will increase conversion and customer loyalty.
  • Proper Content Mix Don’t only push promotions and products throughout your social mediums.  Expand you content to contain industry information or general information about your products and why they are important.  The primary goal of your eCommerce site may be to sell products, but your social media marketing strategy should encompass a wider range of tactics that simply promoting offerings. With too much product pushing and not enough engagement, you’re unlikely to experience optimal success.
  • Sell products with the Social Mediums – By creating a simple shopping feed, you can actually sell products within Facebook through a Shopping tab listed within your category sections.  This will help to increase conversions and create awareness of this easy option to purchase.  If you are not ready to take that leap, you can always highlight new products or best-sellers and provide a link to the order page on your website. It may not be quite as simple as purchasing directly from facebook, but it can be just as effective.
  • Learn from Your Competitors-Competitive intelligence can be very useful. We should be spending some time conducting competitive audits for your top 3 competitors on the social web and learn from their strengths and weaknesses.  Look at the social sites they are currently active on, the type of content they are pushing out, the number of followers they have, and the types of specifics offers, programs, or events they offer.
  • Leverage Your Current Customers –If you haven’t already, send an email out to your current customers telling them the benefit (specific SM promotions and offers) of joining your social networks.  Also make sure to include links to your accounts in the footer of all email blasts you send.