Beacon Mobile Site is now Live!

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We are happy to announce that the Beacon Mobile site is now officially live.  It’s been in the pipline for quite some time but now it’s finally available. Justin Klingman, Beacon’s Software Development Manager,  had this to say about the release.

“More and more people every day are using their mobile devices to access all Web content, and a functional, easy-to-use mobile version of our site was a necessity for us in today’s world.  Using Cascade Server, we are able to maintain our site’s content in a single source, and publish out both a desktop and mobile version of our site with a single click, without having to manage two completely separate Web sites.”

On your smartphone, you’ll just need to go to (or for you shorthanders), and you’ll be automatically directed to the new mobile site.  (Note that we are not redirecting tablets to the mobile site.)

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Many Beacon team members had a hand in the development, testing, and optimization of this site:


So pull out your smartphone and take a look! Let us know what you think of our new mobile site!