Making Google Analytics Easier: Create a Custom Report to See Goal Completions, Not Just Conversion Rate

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

It will soon be a year since the massive update to Google Analytic’s dashboard and reporting interface. And while the grumbling over what was lost and what can’t be found has settled a bit, there are still certain features in GA that we are accustomed to seeing but don’t now. And one of the biggest, in my mind, is the lack of clear, absolute numbers for goal completions. Now mind you, I am aware you can still access this under conversions, but it was so much easier when back in the day, you used to see this on the Overview page:


Now, instead, you see this:


So, for the sake of simplicity and seeing everything in one spot, I took matters into my own hands and created a custom report to suit my needs. Doing so is quite easy.

  1. Click on “Custom Reports” in the top orange bar.
  2. Click “Overview” and then “New Custom Report.”
  3. Go ahead and name your report and tabs.
  4. Then, when it comes to “+add metric”, begin typing in the name of your goal and when you see it, select the option with “completions” in the parenthesis.
  5. Continue adding more metrics until you’ve created a perfect report showing all goal completions for the goals you need. You can even add in conversion rate too, if you’d like, to get the whole picture.
  6. Fill in Dimensions and the optional Filters (I hate these on custom reports–very inaccurate) and the Profiles you’d like to show this report in.
  7. Click save and you’re done!

Now review your report and marvel at its awesome, custom simplicity and the time it will save you. And if you’re not marveling at it, click “Edit” to make adjustments. Here’s an example of my final report:


Hope this helps! Andrea