IRWD 2012 Takeaways

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First trip to IRWD.  Quick recap.  A lot of focus on usability and what I call “mindwork”.  We are at a point now where everyone is finally starting to look at conversion optimization onsite via improving usability and calls to action; offsite via personalization and segmentation.  When I say “mindwork”, I’m referring to the marketing and technical minds formulating actionable insights behind the tools and data.  Certainly, as I’ve said for years, the right tools and technology are essential, but successful websites have one or more creative, analytical minds guiding the operation.  More of these types of people were at IRWD, so it was fantastic seeing how various companies brought business and technology together.  Most of the sessions that I attended focused on unique ideas, usability and decisions being made to improve conversion rates based on data, testing, more data and more testing.

The exhibit hall had more Usability companies that I expected and of course there were a variety of companies promoting web design/development services, ecommerce software, site search software and digital marketing services, along with some firms that offered some interesting tools and services.

Our Nextopia Buddy, Chris Bannister


Here’s a random set of notes that and thoughts that I jotted down during the various presentation.  I didn’t attend every presentation.


Our Friends from Bridgeline Digital

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