Information on New Twitter Brand Pages

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

At the beginning of this year Twitter released a big redesign that incorporates a simpler look and feel that pays special attention to the Connect, Discover, Me, and Home sections.  At the same time that they made their site more aesthetically pleasing, they also released brand pages for companies to utilize. Currently, Twitter is only allowing larger size companies, (companies that can spend $25K on online advertising within Twitter and have a large amount of followers), the option to upgrade to these more optimized company pages.  Some example companies are Coca-ColaMcDonalds,  Nike, and Verizon Wireless.

Some of the new Twitter brand page features are:

1) the allowance of bigger (835×90 px)branded header image

2) larger space for in-depth company information and a more prominent looking taglines

3) the allowance for a free promoted tweet section highly visible at the top of your timeline for uses landing on your page

4) the control for these companies to control what tweets visitors see when they visit their pages (this is big- to learn more click here)

Here at Beacon, we are speculating that the roll-out for all companies –great and small- will be available within the next 4-6months without such steep entry points.  The enhanced features are cool, but expensive at this point in the game.  They do however help with increasing general branding strength.  I would be curious to see some company Analytics to see if the extra marketing really provides any additional direct conversions for their products.