An Event/Book Apart

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

An Event Apart is a design conference for people who make websites.  It is what I refer to as my dream conference because it is held, attended and spoken at by some of the top experts in my field.  These people write the books that I read when learning and are always on top of new technologies and best practice.

I am very excited to say that I was able to attend An Event Apart in Atlanta GA recently.  I learned so much I am struggling with how to take it all in at once.  From completely new things to better understanding things I thought I knew.

Before I went to the conference I ordered 1-6 of A Book Apart’s book collection in an attempt to prepare myself for the conference.   These books are sub lined Brief books for people who make websites.  I didn’t get a chance to read them fully before the conference but they are becoming invaluable to me now as I track back over what I’ve learned.

I just finished reading Responsive Web Design and Mobile First out of the collection and would recommend them to anyone who works on websites.  They are small books and very easy to read. In fact once you start you will likely finish it in a matter of hours.  I’m starting to think that small is better because these two books packed a huge punch.   I’m looking forward to finishing the collection and expect each book to be just as informing and eye opening as the last.

To get your copies go to Personally I am still a fan of the traditional book you can hold in your hand but they also offer ebooks. In fact writing this article, looking at the pricing difference and the book clutter surrounding me I may have just been converted (I purchased a kindle). I guess I will have to follow up with how that works for me : ).