4 Pinterest Promotion and Contest Ideas to Gain More Followers

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

So, your company is on Pinterest. You’ve pinned. You’re repinned. You’ve created boards. And you’ve got some followers. Now what? What do you do with these people? Why, give fun stuff away! It’s the quintessential way to build links, followers, brand awareness, and virality (yes, it’s a word…. I think) on social media and it holds true on Pinterest too. What contest to have, you say?? Why keep on reading my friend.


Contests for Individual Pins


1. Comment Contest

A Comment Contest is very simple & easy. Simply pin a product, image, saying, or whatever you fancy and have followers post comments to enter. Outline entry rules & terms in the pin’s description box to cover all bases or link to these on your site. Then randomly choose a winner using Random.org or a similar tool.


2. Repinning Contest

A Repinning Contest is similar to a Commenting Contest but it uses the repin feature as a way for users to enter. This contest is great to spread a pin’s exposure!


Contests for Individual Boards


3. Photo Submission Contest

This is a great way to leverage your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social networks and get them over to Pinterest! What you’ll do is post a request on your other social networks asking them to submit pictures related to your product or service. Think outside the box and make this exciting. You want lost of entries. Have them submit pictures to a special e-mail address or get social and use Flickr groups. OR, if you have the ability, have them submit to a particular page on your site. This will help build inbound links! Then, devote a board on Pinterest to these images and request that users like, comment, and/or repin to “vote” for the winner. The pin with the most user interactions wins! Added Bonus: Suggest that entrants share their pin with friends & family to help them win. This will bring in other, NEW fans to Pinterest that may not be on Facebook, Google+, or the like. Score!


4. Customer Appreciate/Your Favorite Product Contest

Although this contest is really aimed at rewarding loyal followers, the ease of entering can make this go viral. The premise behind this contest is to create a board with your most popular products. Then, have users vote for their favorites. Votes can be repins, comments, and likes. Followers can vote on as many thing as they’d like. Then, at the end of the “voting” period, choose a winner at random from all entries. Voila! Done.


Good luck & happy pinning!