Jeff Pickle

What happened to “Web Marketing”?

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I checked out Insights for Search and was a little confounded about what I saw  for some industry terms.

  • “web marketing” search volume is trending down
  • “internet marketing” search volume is trending down
  • “search engine marketing” search volume is trending down


Take a look at “web marketing” in Insights:

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And, according to analysts covering Google’s recent earning miss:

Google’s core search business slowed more sharply than expected, even in the U.S.

Where have all the searches gone?


1. Mobile

They merely shift the spending from the PC to the mobile device.

Check out your Mobile Devices section in your Google analytics.
  • In January 2011, one client example had almost 4,000 visits resulting from mobile devices.
  • In January 2012, that same client example had almost 13,00 visits resulting from mobile devices

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2. SEO

People are becoming more savvy about search marketing. Search behavior is changing and more specific terms are being used compared to a few years ago as searches are becoming more focused. Businesses have recognized the importance of ranking well for their brand name and for relevant search queries.

Check out the trend below for “seo marketing”:

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3. Social Media Marketing

No need to explain this one.

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In their recent earnings, Google has seen the shift to mobile make its impact.  Companies have to adapt as visitor behavior changes. Developing a search strategy that fully realizes the search behavior of your potential customers is paramount in adapting to the fast moving online world.

“Web Marketing” is still stronger than ever but the name of the game has changed. Its become fractured into smaller and smaller sub-segments.