Illustrator Tutorials

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Here at beacon I am a Developer. I have always wanted to be some type of artist but as I grew up found that my technical and problem solving skills for code and programming well outweighed my artist skills. I do however still like to try and learn as much as I can and see if I can get better with practice. I was really struggling with doing things you would normally do in Photoshop in Illustrator. Not that I know what to add or where to add it but I was failing before I even reached that point because I didn’t know how to. Our new Designer Jennifer Calogero sent me a link to some tutorials that really helped me learn to accomplish these things. Seeing them and actually accomplishing them are two very different things and I think for me I actually have to do it step by step to get a feel for what I am doing. After the tutorials I definitely feel more confident in my ability to add some of these small but very important details in illustrator. I have attached my end product after playing around with a few of the items and I encourage anyone learning Illustrator to actually go do some of these tutorials as well.


The article is located at:

You can download my ai file by clicking here. Please note I played around with settings after doing each tutorial so the results are not exact.