AspDotNetStorefront Features, Tips and Resources

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Beacon is a development partner for the eCommerce platform ASPDotNetStorefront and has been developing successful eCommerce websites with them since 2007.  Here are some features and functionality that we love about the software as well as a few “tips and tricks” that hopefully you will find helpful!  Please be sure to chime in with your own thoughts and suggestions…

Public Site Features

These are some features about AspDotNetstorefront that we really like and promote to our clients, along with a few links to where we have put some of these features to use.  Note that a few of these items require a purchased add-on for full functionality, but they are generally inexpensive, easy to install and don’t require source code.

Admin Site Features

  • String Resources– Much of the text on the site can be edited via Admin
    • Change a string
    • Show Modified Strings
  • Appconfigs– Editable functionality of site
    • AddtoCart (button/use image)
    • Show Wish list
    • Default quantity
  • Image resize– many ways to configure in Appconfigs
  • WYSIWYG editor- Description and Summary tabs have RAD editor and HTML is accepted in other fields as well
  • Image map editor
  • Multiple category mappings
  • Summary, Misc Text, Extension Data fields
  • Attributes (color, size)—can be renamed
  • One page/multipage checkout
  • SEO site and product options
    • Site meta tag settings
    • Title, Keyword, Description overrides
New in Version 9.x
  • Support for .NET master pages
  • AJAX powered features– Kits are much improved
  • Multistore– Host multiple ecommerce websites with different products, pricing, design, SEO settings and content from a single installation of AspDotNetStorefront
  • Mobile site support
  • SEO Tools
    • Ability to format store URLs
    • Central location to configure settings
  • Related products helper in Admin
  • Cross linking topic pages

Tips & Tricks

  • Admin security settings to be aware of:
    • Passwords expire every 30 days
    • After three failed login attempts user accounts are temporarily locked out. The length of time of the lockout (30 minutes by default) can be adjusted.
    • Customers are not required to use complex passwords with special characters like admin users are.
    • Admin passwords must be at least 8 characters long and include at least one upper case character, one lower case character, one number, and one of these characters ~`!@#$%^&*()_+=[]{}|\’;\”:|/?
    • Old admin passwords are stored to prevent admins from reusing the same password when a change is required (default is four).
    • Admin users are forced to log in again after 15 minutes of sitting idle in the admin site.
    • NOTE:  Virtually all these settings can be changed with appconfigs, but shouldn’t be to maintain PCI compliance.
  • Site Map– Two site maps come “out of the box” (sitemap.aspx, sitemap2.aspx)
    • To turn off certain sections of the site map:
      • –Go to Configuration, Advance, App config parameters
      • –Search for “Sitemap.Show”
      • –Read each description and decide which items to change and then click on the hyperlinked “Name” field
      • –Change to “false” any section that you don’t want to appear in the site map
      • –Hit “Save”
      • –If the updates don’t show immediately on the site, hit “Refresh Cache” in admin (top nav bar)
    • To not display certain topic pages on the site map:
      • –Go to Content, Manage Topics
      • –Locate and click on the topic page in the left navigation that you want
      • –Change the “Publish in Site Map” radio button to “no”
      • –Hit “Update Topic”
      • –If the updates don’t show immediately on the site, hit “Refresh Cache” in admin (top nav bar)

Helpful AspDotNetStorefront Resources