JavaScript Libraries, Tools, and Resources

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

With all the recent projects needing Javascript development and those upcoming, I’ve had to do quite a bit of searching around the web for scripts I can integrate into our projects.  Here is a list of libraries, scripts, and resources we’ve put to into practice here at Beacon.

Javascript Libraries

  • jQuery JS Library that allows CSS-styled selectors for DOM elements.
  • jQuery-UI Extensive collection of user-interfaces and controls.
  • Contains a visual effects engine, a drag and drop library, and other visual effects.
  • MooTools Has built in functionality for playing sounds and an extensive collection of transitions and effects.
  • YUI Never really used this library, but it appears to be well documented and used around the web.


Web Developer and Coding Resources:

  • GitHub – Developer projects with online collaboration
  • DZone – Developer articles and tutorials
  • NetTuts -Web Developer tutorials
  • CodeCanyon – Has tutorials on a variety of web languages with video
  • DynamicDrive – Heaps of scripts to add functionality to your site.

Resource Articles:

I regularly visit these sites (and others like them containing lists of scripts) to gather resources for a project.