Internet Explorer Drops Below 50 Percent in Web Usage

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

This headline jumped out at me today as I was browsing the web for new blog ideas:  The End of an Era: Internet Explorer Drops Below 50 Percent of Web Usage.  For years I was a fanatical and defiant IE user– perhaps it was the old MSCE loyalty in me– but eventually I went to the dark side and started using Firefox.

What was interesting to me about this article was actually not necessarily that IE continued to slide in popularity (duh), but that Chrome overtook Firefox (at least in that site’s stats).  The article’s claim that Chrome is now “the technologist’s browser of choice” is certainly food for thought.  Though I reviewed Google Chrome several years ago, soon after its release, I didn’t see a significant advantage versus the browsers I was already using and few of my clients were using it.

However, Beacon’s web developer’s often share their preferences for Google Chrome for its speed and performance and I’ve finally made the jump to Chrome as well.  I find that it is consistently faster and less buggy that other browsers, but what ultimately put me over the edge was an issue with AspDotNetStorefront’s HTML editor and newer browsers.  I administer many AspDotNetStorefront sites and simply couldn’t wait for an upgrade to 8.1 or 9.2ML to use the WYSIWYG editor in admin.  Since the editor continued to work in Chrome, I guess I’ve officially made the switch! Who’s with me??