Vecoplan Site Launch

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The Vecoplan, LLC site was launched on August 4th. This site is slightly different than any other site Beacon has developed due to the fact it has been developed in a content management system called Typo 3.  Since Vecoplan is headquartered in Germany, the CMS for this North American website was mandated by Corporate because TYPO3 is very prevalent in Europe.  The challenge for this project was developing a new website that matched Corporate branding, yet focused on the products and services of Vecoplan LLC (No. America), provided improved usability and most importantly, sustained the SEO web marketing initiatives that are also being provided by Beacon.  Needless to say, the ramp up on a different CMS was extremely challenging, but our staff stepped up to deliver another high quality website!  In addition, our web marketing team worked with the web development team to successfully guard against the usual dip in organic traffic that can occur when migrating to a new website.

The site features the following:



A HUGE thanks goes out to Miral who really made it all work!! Miral was faced with the challenge of not only learning a whole new content management system to build this site in, but one where most of the instructional material was in German. Throughout this project he continually faced many challenges and met each one admirably.  This project was led by Stephanie, Project Manager, who did a great job of keeping the team moving forward during various challenges to add another unique launch to Beacon’s portfolio.  Other big contributors were Wendy, who provided the client with exactly what they needed for a design, Thomas who assisted with all of the Flash and carousel work, and Jeff who provided SEO feedback and analysis. Finally, William, Wayne, and Caleb whom all had a hand in the launch at some point – thank you Beacon team!