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Our website hasn’t been updated in 3 years.  Way too long, but updating our own website always takes a back seat to our client work – which thankfully has been plentiful during this period.  The last design was fantastic and I struggled with the idea of replacing it.  However, it was time.

When I consult with businesses about web technology and marketing, I always talk about the “leap of faith” that exists for a buyer when choosing a vendor.  No matter how you look at it, there’s an element of trust here.  Can the vendor really do what it says and deliver as expected (on time and within budget)?  I believe you narrow this “leap of faith” through credibility, which is something we wanted to emphasize with our new site.  Additionally, we wanted to practice what we preach with ties to social media, video, map features, case studies, dynamic phone tracking and web marketing tactics.  As with any website (and as a good marketing approach), it’s important for visitors to quickly understand how our services will help their business, rather than just see a listing of services.  Simply put, it’s about what they get, not what we do.

I’ve been in the IT business a long, long time.  Prior to starting Beacon in 1998, I was with AT&T for 15 years, the last few years of which, leading the development of its global corporate intranet (custom-integrated into Peoplesoft).  The growth in web technology businesses has been incredible since then, which certainly isn’t a surprise.  However, I’m surprised at how many web companies profess to be experts by using their websites to list all the things they “can” do without any strong credibility references.  Hey, I completely understand that any new business has to earn and build up credibility.  Been there.  Done that.  You just don’t start with it, so consequently, you must market the expertise of your staff because that’s all there is.  But at some point there has to be a shift.

Beacon Technologies Home Page 2011

I guess that’s why I’m so proud of this new website.  It represents 13 years of hard work that has led to growth, stability and credibility.   We removed the flash content and made the message very straight forward.  Web Development, Digital Marketing & Web Hosting.  Automate, Grow & Connect your business.  The map on our new home page shows our reach across the United States.  It clearly accentuates our valued relationships with strong, well-known companies like Google, AspdotnetStorefront (ecommerce system with thousands of implementations), Hannon Hill (Cascade Server CMS, used by hundreds of Universities and businesses), Bridgeline Digital, Dell, LabTech and TW Telecom.  SEO friendliness has been improved through better page sculpting.  You will also see links to a few of our prominent clients in each area of our business.  Over the years, Beacon has also had the pleasure of serving as a subcontractor for Accenture, Lockheed Martin and KPMG Consulting.  Although these relationships certainly lend credibility, we elected not to highlight these because we no longer focus on federal government projects.

beacon technologies google client map

I particularly like how our web design team integrated social media into the new site.  Our blog is very active with regular, diverse posts from our staff.  Our video really shows the personality of our team.  And of course, we connect to the world through Facebook and Twitter as well.  On the lower tier pages, you will see some of our clients highlighted in each section and, if you mouseover any of their logos, you will get a few details of what we do for them.  We also included a section for links to pertinent content related to each section, which we initially connected to many of our blog posts.

Our website is a sales and marketing tool.  When prospective clients come to our website, I want them to know that we’ve been doing this for a long time, we are good at it, we don’t outsource, we have a good track record, we are a long-term web technology partner and we have many credible, recognizable clients that can attest to this.