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Texas A&M Foundation Site Launch

Est. Read Time: ~Keurig Brew-Time

Texas A&M Foundation launched this month. Our objectives were to analyze, design, develop and host the Texas A&M Foundations public blog.  The blog design also needed to closely mimic the public site design. We have worked with TAMF on several other web site projects, including redesigning their public web site twice. The site received lots of comments and traffic on its very first day.

Features and Highlights: • User manual • RSS feed • SEO friendly URLs • Creation of categories • Ability to add images and/or video to blog posts • Contact information for each post author • Comments allowed and moderated

Thomas Brinegar primarily handled the design and development with periodic assistance from Annette Fowler, Wendy Honeycutt, Justin Klingman and Tiffany May. William Nichols handled all of the administrative duties. Finally, big thanks to Heather Showstead for sound advice and suggestions.

Thanks to all!