Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 3

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

Well this week saw the start of a new month and along with that came the start of something new for me at Beacon.  The first two weeks I spent most of my time learning how to do things because the bulk of the work for my clients was done already.  I did work on all of them during the past couple weeks, but it was mainly looking over statistics and research on the clients and their competitors.  However, thanks to the start of June, I am getting to handle the entire set of monthly goals/tasks for each client assigned to me.

Much of my time this week was spent reviewing previous monthly reports to determine what information each client is interested in knowing.  Once I figured out what I was looking for, and how to find it, I started compiling monthly reports.  This task can take some time because there is a lot of information to sort through.  It also is not the most glamorous task in the world of SEO and web marketing.  However, without it, it would be hard to show the successes and failures of the work that is done.  I approached this task like any other I am facing at Beacon.  It is a learning opportunity.  Now that I have completed a few reports, I can confidently go into GA and find out any information I need to know, provided that the proper pieces are setup.

Another thing I did this week was attend the weekly web marketing team meeting.  Each week a different member of the team leads the meeting.  The overall purpose of the meeting is to discuss what we have been working on and for the team to provide feedback and ideas to help each other.  The leader rotates each week based on alphabetical order of everyone’s name.  Yours truly was the lucky winner this week!  I was not entirely sure what to talk about at the meeting since I have only been doing this for a few weeks and the rest have been at it for several years.  However, not fully knowing what I am doing has never seemed to stop me in the past so why should it now.  After getting some helpful guidance, most of which was to “wing it,” I decided on what I wanted to cover.  I talked about some things I have noticed and some suggestions I wanted to implement.  Overall, the rest of the team thought they were good ideas and explained to me how to turn those ideas into actions.  I wrapped up the meeting with a Q&A for my own benefit.  Like I said, everything is a learning opportunity while I am here at Beacon these ten weeks.

It is often said that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.  Being here at Beacon is no different.  This week I took my first step.