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You Are The Pride (University of Houston) Cascade Server & PHP Development

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You Are The Pride (University of Houston)

Before Beacon became involved, the University of Houston developed a social media-focused website, named after their slogan, “You Are The Pride”. This project aimed to centralize all of their social media outlets, including ones that the various users created (students, alumni, etc.) along with videos and photos that could be uploaded.  Beacon Technologies was brought in to enhance the current site with the following:

· Provide cross-browser and Section 508 compliance by re-writing the HTML/CSS/JavaScript applications;

· Migrate the entire site from its current format into Cascade Server CMS;

· Add a Blog listing feature into the Cascade Server implementation, which categorizes each blog site entry, and pulls in data from each blog’s RSS feed;

· Add a Social Media listing page, which organizes each link by category, and type (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube);

· Develop PHP-based registration and login functionality, including an Administration section for managing user access;

· Insert a commenting application (Echo) on certain pages;

· Provide customized Cascade Server documentation and training.

Kudos go to Tiffany May and Gary Synan (transactional development), Annette Fowler (business analysis & requirements), Justin Klingman (project management / CMS leadership),  and  Tracy Dirks (executive management).

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