Cloud Storage Is Great, Until It Fails

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

Over the last several years the world of technology has been abuzz with the implementation of what is known as cloud storage.  Cloud storage is an ideal form of storage in which you can access all of your important files and data from a third party source and not your personal local machine.  In concept, this would be a perfect solution for all storage needs, however many factors can cause cloud storage to not be the perfect solution.

This was never more evident than when’s cloud servers went down on April 21st and were not fully back to normal function till April 23rd.  The outage caused glitches and/or shutdowns of many websites including FourSquare, Quora, and Reddit.  This was evidently caused by a failure of a network connection in one banks of computers and then triggered  an automatic recovery in another bank of computers which also failed.  This has caused companies that are hosted by to reexamine their network structure and are considering a new plan of attack.  The most common plan seemingly being contain the data not only in multiple banks of computers at a single data center, but also in multiple data centers themselves.

There may never be a perfect form of data storage, however, I believe that cloud storage is the closest to perfection we may ever be able to attain.  Cloud storage may have it’s faults just like anything else, but with the relatively low cost and great reliability it is still the best choice for the future.