Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 2

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

This week has been a little bit of a “more-of-the-same” situation for me.  I spent a good amount of my 20 hours this week looking over the tools I was learning last week.  The twist in the story was that I looked at the information in relation to specific companies rather than just in general.  Throughout the week, I sifted through historical data and current data to determine what type of information I needed to be observing and how that information relates to the goals at hand.

One of the more interesting things I did this week was to learn more about Google AdWords and the way it works.  Adwords, much like GA, provides a depth of insight that is very useful for companies running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaigns.  AdWords allows users to set up PPC campaigns and provides those users with a plethora of options.  Also like in GA, AdWords can be as simple or complex as you desire.  You can set basic campaigns and ads with very general guidelines for when they appear.  However, if a user really takes the time to set it up, they can create groups of ads to target specific keywords, run during set hours of the day, target certain geographical areas, and so on and so forth.

Another task I spent time on this week was researching social media (SM) and how various companies use SM to reach potential customers.  SM is an area in which I feel very confident.  Having spent the better part of the past seven years or so as a member of Facebook, I have seen the growth of SM and the impact it has made on how businesses reach customers.  One particular area I focused my research on is in the education sector.  Universities are beginning to increase their use of SM in order to attract potential students.  Some universities have embraced SM more openly than others.  I have noticed that the more successful ones are using multiple SM tools such as Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, and Blogs.  My overall conclusion of this is that SM, if maintained and used properly, seems to be a great way of reaching today’s youth.

On a side note, one thing I learned this week that I think is pretty cool is that I apparently am learning from a bunch of ninjas.  I for one am stoked by this fact.  Ninjas are pretty much awesome!  To get a better understanding of what I mean you should read my coworker’s recent post on how Beacon Has Ninjas.