Basin Electric Power Cooperative Cascade Server and PHP Development

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Basin Electric Power Cooperative (;

Basin Electric is the power cooperative for a large portion of the Midwest (map).  It has around 60 Web sites, and purchased Cascade Server to begin migrating those sites from their previous content management system. Beacon Technologies was brought in to migrate the first two sites, the Basin Electric Power Cooperative and Dakota Gasification Company,  into Cascade Server CMS.  Approximately 700 pages and design were carefully transferred “as is” using Cascade’s Web Services feature and several enhancements were made, including the following:

· Related Items Right Column content blocks: Allows a user to specify categories on a specific page, and Cascade feeds related links into that page’s right column;

· Calendar: Re-write of their existing PHP calendar (managed by Cascade Server);

· Photo Gallery:  Added this function in Cascade Server;

· Newsletter: Allows the customer to create weekly newsletters for emailing, as well as a print-friendly version to post at their plants and other facilities for those who don’t have a computer at home;

Prior to launch, Beacon also provided customized Cascade Server documentation and training.

Many thanks to Tiffany May, Keana Lynch, Miral Desai, and Thomas Brinegar (website development), Justin Klingman (project management / CMS leadership), Patrick Flanagan (account executive) and John Scaramuzzo (executive oversight and hosting services).