How to Get Your Company Profile on LinkedIn

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

Long live Social Media and all that it can provide a company when it comes to brand awareness, customer service, link building, and website referral traffic.  The strength of social media and social bookmarking sites grows every day.  Just as your company needs a solid website, so does it also need a presence in the social media world for users that are searching here as opposed to the more traditional search engines.

While each business must determine what networks are best for their company to actively participate, LinkedIn should never be one to cast aside.  LinkedIn’s organization has grown to over thirty-three million members in the United States, and over 60 million world-wide in less than ten years. Recently the company announced its 60 millionth member via a Tweet.

Create / Claim Your Company Profile

Like any other networking site, you want to establish your presence by first creating an account, and then by spreading the word that you are there to get the attention you need.  Once your company profile is created or claimed, you now have the advantage of being indexed by search engines and be able to be presented in the organic search results for your brand.

Any employee if granted access can edit their company page if they are a current employee with their position listed and linked to the company profile page and has a confirmed email address at the company registered to the account, so if you are using a personal email address to access your personal linked account profile, update it to be your company issued email address. If your email address connected to LinkedIn is already your company email address try the below steps:

1.      Click “Companies” at the top of your home page and search for your company name.

2.      Click “Edit” in upper right of the Company “Overview” tab.

3.      Modify information as needed.

4.      Click “Publish”.

If the “Edit” link is not visible, take the following steps to make sure the position on your Profile is properly linked to the company name:

1.      Click on “Profile” towards the top of your home page.

2.      Click “Edit” next to the position in the “Experience” section of your Profile.

3.      Click “Change Company” and begin to type in your company name. A drop-down list will appear.

4.      Click on the correct company name. This step is very important.

5.      Click “Update”.

6.      Follow steps listed above to edit your Company Page information.

If you are still unable to edit information on your Company Page, contact LinkedIn at