Greensboro Radiology Site Launch

Est. Read Time: ~Keurig Brew-Time

Beacon is happy to announce that Greensboro Radiology has launched it’s new website!

Interesting items about the site:

· This is a medium-sized Cascade site with some customized transactional forms.

· The home page impact image is “split” and each image and link is replaceable via CMS

· News and Events are dynamically fed to the home page

· Featured Physician on home page is maintainable via CMS

· Internal banner images are maintainable at the page or section level via CMS

· Physician listing/detail pages allow the client to maintain, in an aesthetically pleasing way, extensive details about each physician—including education, interests and video.

So many different people have been tasked with helping on this site. Thank you to everyone on the Beacon Team who was involved!