How to Lose Likes, Fans, and Friends on Facebook

Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

Want to know how to ruin your level of awesomeness on Facebook?  Here are the top horrible tips to mess up your dreams of total Facebook business and brand awareness domination.

1)      Automate everything.  I love Hootsuite, Networked Blogs, and Twitterfeed just as much as the next person, but if the only thing landing on your page is automated posts you are never going to succeed.  People connect on Facebook for the conversation.  They want a real person or brand identity, not a machine.

2)      Only post statements with no response needed. People hang out on Facebook because they want to engage.  Don’t just post links. Instead, ask questions, implement polls and start a conversation.

3)      Tag an image that isn’t a person. Want your followers or friends to check out the picture of your new storefront?  Don’t tag everyone to see the picture, post a link.  I for one don’t want to be tagged as the front door.

4)      Quantity is quality. Every time we engage with the community on Facebook we have the goal of brand awareness in mind, but posting frequently throughout the day just because you want to stay visible on their home feed is a good way for people to deny their associations with you on this social network.

5)      Keep your personal profile open to the public. Trying to start a private wealth management firm?  If people can associate your name to a business or brand, they will check out your personal Facebook page.  The same goes if you are applying for a job with a company.  I wouldn’t hire you to manage my money if I see that you play Mafia Wars and Farmville everyday between the hours of 9:30am to 4:30pm.

6)      Set it and forget it. Just having a profile or page out there isn’t enough to engage in conversations being had.  If someone posts a negative comment or question on your page and you don’t check it to respond you are showing everyone that your customer service is less than par.

7)      Create fake events. If you have a real event or limited time engagement, promote it, but do not create a bogus event about the financing offer your company has provided since 2006.  This should be a message, or a call out on the side or within the checkout process.

8)      Invite everyone to everything. My favorite dress designer is Calvin Klein.  Less is more and the tailoring is divine, so I am fan of the company page.  The company doesn’t need to invite me to its Fashion Week runway show though-especially since I live in North Carolina.  That just makes me extremely jealous. Plus, you aren’t offering me a ticket, so how can I even get in the tent?