What’s That Color Again? Instant Eyedropper.

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

I came across a neat little tool for Windows today. (no doubt there is a tool like this built in on the Mac, but it’s still easy to have on a PC)

Often I want or need to identify the color on the screen, either in a web page, graphic, or in a software package, which can involve looking at source code or style sheet, doing a screen capture in Windows or using something like SnagIt or Hardcopy, and other ways, but if you just want to know the HEX code color, this is by far the simplest tool to use. It will also show VB, Delphi and HSB codes.

It’s called Instant Eyedropper, by a company called SpiceBrains, and makes it simple by launching an icon in your system tray after you install it. Click the Instant Eyedropper icon and drag your cursor across the screen to the color you want, and the utility will show, in a zoomed pop-up to show the pixel you are on, the Hex code for the pixel.

I know this sounds like an ad or shameless plug, but I’ve wanted a simple tool like this for years.

Its quite the time saver. Enjoy!