Jeff Pickle

What the Deuce? Google’s Ngram Viewer

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While watching The Family Guy, I had often wondered where Stewie Griffin’s catch phrase “What the Deuce?”  came from.

Stewie will often say his catch phrase at times of astonishment.

Turns out the “What the Deuce?” was once a euphemism for “What the Devil?”.


Using Google’s new Ngram viewer, we can see that the catch phrase began falling out of favor soon after the start of the 1920′s.


So what happened?

Why did the phrase “What the Deuce?” fall out of favor?



It may have been the loosening of restraint for certain topics or it may have been the overuse of the old phrase “What the Deuce?” which blunted the phrase’s emotional edge.

I can give no definite cause and effect.

Out with the old and in with the new.