The Wonderful World of Google Remarketing

Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

Google Remarketing is such a great concept because it lets you serve ads to visitors that came to your site but didn’t convert right in the Adwords Interface.

How It Works:

  1. Figure out what visitor segments you want to target and then create lists to fit them into with specific cookie time lengths.  Create specific display and text ads for each of your lists, and activate it.
  2. When a customer comes and visits your website a cookie is set on their computer if they meet certain triggers you set within your list.  An example trigger would be that they came to your website, but failed to purchase one of your products.
  3. Because of the cookie you set, these customers are now recognized across the Google Display Network (GDN) once they left your site, so anytime time they visit another website within the GDN your ads will ‘follow’ them around.

Different List Strategies:

  1. Basic List Strategy: Just create one list and simply tag all visitors that land on your homepage.  This will help you to easily reach all of your website visitors.
  2. More Advanced List Strategy: Create lists throughout each section of your website to market certain products to certain visitors.  If they were browsing your website for couches, show they couches, and if they were browsing for coffee tables, show them coffee tables.
  3. Shopping Cart List Strategy: Create a list for visitors that engaged in your cart feature but never completed the transaction.  You would do this by putting a requirement in your list that the visitor must touch one of the cart pages, but never landed on the ‘thank you confirmation page.’  I would recommend serving these list members a more aggressive offer to help tip the scales in your favor.

Tips to Increase your Conversion Rates with Remarketing:

  1. Use different creative pieces for each of your lists and time segments to keep customers aware of your graphics without them blending in.
  2. If you are displaying an image to visitors that went to the shoes section of your website shoe images, and show visitors that went to the purse section of your website purses if you created separate lists for them.
  3. Remember to hint about the added value of your products if they abandoned your cart.  This is your change to help give them a reason to say OK in their minds and return to your website to make that purchase!

Good luck from the Beacon Team!