Progression of Blogging – What’s Next?

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

Blogging is considered easy, right? Everyone has access to tools to communicate original ideas and topics that catch our interest as blog posts. Now that blogging has been around for a while, what’s next? Normally, a blog post includes a topic of interest, some pros and cons, an image or two and some links. What is the next step one might wonder? Well, Twitter definitely changed the game when they brought us “micro-blogging”. Your “post” on any topic must be contained in 140 characters or less — brief text and maybe a link. As we iterate blog best practices, consider what “nano-blogs” may look like. I can see a temptation to skip the content and just share links — maybe a brief headline with the link.

This already exists today to some degree with sites like that broadcasts your “posts” to multiple sites. I like that ability to aggregate accounts, post to one site and move on. Other services that allow us to repost such as “Add This” or “Share This” provide a quick way to share content. Other sites have the various share icons at the bottom of the page. As we continue to progress forward, will using any of this count as a blog post?

Could the next blog progression involve a trail of the sites I liked or viewed for more than 5 minutes? The time duration can be argued, and I will leave the privacy issues aside for now. Point is how does it get easier to indicate what catches my attention that I want you to be aware of?

What would make blogging easier for you? What do you think are the key factors that will drive blogging to progress even further? Is there a list of requirements or a common view on new features somewhere?