HTML5 the future of the web?

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If you have anything to do with the web development world you have most likely heard the chatter about HTML5 and the benefits of it. After reading many articles and blogs about the upcoming major revision of the HTML standard, I am eagerly looking forward to working with it. It may be a while before HTML5 becomes fully functional across multiple platforms and part of our everyday web experience, but HTML5 has been said to be the future of the web. Fortune Tech released an interesting article today about the upcoming HTML5 and what we have to look forward to.

HTML5: not ready for primetime, but getting very close

“Companies and developers say it’s the future. A look at why the HTML5 hype machine is in overdrive and whether it’s warranted.”

“…HTML5 promises to be the “genes” from which much of the next generation web will spring to life: web sites, content, and web-based apps could be partially or wholly coded with it.”

“One of HTML5′s biggest sells is its flexibility. Regardless of what device a site or app shows up on — iPhone, Android tablet, desktop, laptop, all of which have decidedly different form factors — developers can use almost the exact same code for each platform, cutting down on the time, effort and manpower currently required by many mobile app developers to program native apps the crowded mobile OS market.”

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