The Endless Memory Card

Est. Reading Time: 2 minute

How many times have you gotten your camera out to take some pictures, only to discover your card was full?  Then you have to make the tough call of whether to delete a precious memory already on your memory card or not take a picture of the event occurring.  This situation happens to me often, so I am very excited that I will never have to be in that uncomfortable situation ever again.

“But how?”

General public, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the endless memory card known as the Eye-Fi, which I will now refer to as “Big E.” Big E is the first wireless memory card with a built-in Wi-Fi that uses your wireless network to transfer your photos and videos online.  Big E looks like and fits into your camera just like every other basic memory card; it is just more awesome because it will never fill up, and you never have to make time in your busy schedule to transfer or upload your pictures or videos at a later date.  Let your Eye-Fi do all the work from now on.  All you need to do is take the pictures and capture the videos, and then Big E will automatically upload them to your computer.  It can even go so far as to post them automatically to your Facebook or Flickr account!

The makers of the Eye-Fi tell us on their website that it “all started with a very simple idea: what if photos could just fly to where you want them to be? That’s how a memory card with antenna and magical superpowers was born.”  I am directly quoting here because I couldn’t say it any better myself.

Here is the link to a video explanation: