Server Switcher Firefox Add-on

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Around the office people call me the Add-on queen due to my robust selection of Firefox and some Chrome/Safari/IE Add-on’s. I think the nick name originated about the 5th time I said ‘oh! There’s an Add-on for that!’ :). Within the last month I have been informed about 3 Add-ons or Add-on functions that I wasn’t taking advantage of and feel my throne is slipping! So today I’d like to re-secure my throne by putting the spotlight on the Server Switcher Firefox Add On.

Server Switcher is a Firefox Add-on that allows you to define development/test and production URL’s. It allows you to switch between the two URL’s very easily. So if you are looking at a page in development and would like to know what it currently looks like in production you could just click the icon in the address bar and voilà!

Add-on Features Include:

It is a small but oh so handy Add-on that is just another way to not only make each day more enjoyable but also more efficient.

You can check out this Add-on at