Is Your Email Marketing Solution Measuring Up?

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

Sure every email marketing solution needs to do some basic things like import email addresses, build emails (on some scale) and send those emails. However, there are a whole lot of bells and whistles out there. After years of working with email marketing I have compiled a master list of what I want from my email marketing solution.

• Ability to compare email message data • Personal representative available to help maximize effectiveness, segment your audience, give consultative advice, and provide trouble shooting expertise. • Free customer support • Email design and creation tools. • Open & click tracking • Spam checker to ensure your emails do not get sent to junk email folders. • Inbox preview (including mobile), which is invaluable to creating universally accepted emails • Works with you personally to clean up your email database to achieve the highest deliverability. • Automatic data clense • Unsubscribe processing • Stays current on changes in the practices as major ISPs in order to resolve deliverability issues. • Real time stats • Ability to send targeted emails to opt-ins based on their actions • Extra reporting on things like friend forwards, survey responses, updates and bounce inactivation. • Easily integrates with Google Analytics • Ability to run A/B tests. • Allows you to set up automatic emails to remind or encourage recipients • Data integration application to sync data with your applications • Ability to upload email data